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Thread: Start solids or give formula? What would you do?

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    Default Start solids or give formula? What would you do?

    Hi ladies. My son is 5 months old and I've had problems with supply since day 1. I'm a nurse and have worked with several LCs, and it REALLY is a supply issue. I BF all the time and I was short approximately 10 oz a day for my son. I found a WONDERFUL mom who donates me her extra breastmilk! However, I just ran out and I wont be able to get more for another few weeks. I'm trying to find the less of two evils. My son seems interested in food and can sit up on his own. I've been trying to hold off on solids and would like to hold off even longer. However, I'm trying to decide if solids are better than the synthetic formula. What would you do??

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    Default Re: Start solids or give formula? What would you do?

    Baby's primary source of nutrition for the first year is BM or formula. I suppose as they get closer to the 12 month mark, solids are contributing significantly to their nutritional intake, but prior to a year solids are about experience and learning, especiallynfor the first few months. Some babes don't really get the hang of solids until the 8 or 9 month mark. Regardless, nutritionally speaking, I don't think there aren't any solids that can give him what BM (or formula) can.


    ETA: baby's gut is not ready for solids until 6 months. Introducing solids earlier has been proven to increase food sensitivities and allergies because the gut has not fully matured. I totally understand your reluctance to offer formula, I wouldn't want to either. I assume you are already taking herbs/meds to increase your own supply? Maybe your donor will be able to work something out, or you will find a new one.
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    Default Re: Start solids or give formula? What would you do?

    My understanding is also that formula is a better option than solids at this point. Formula isn't an exact copy of breastmilk, but it's closer match than a jar of pureed spinach.

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