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Thread: Vitamin supplements for breastfed infants?

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    Question Vitamin supplements for breastfed infants?

    My pediatrician prescribed vitamin supplements for DD when she was a newborn, not based on any vitamin deficiency in HER but just as part of his view of preventive medicine. I was not prescribed any vitamins for DS (who had a different doctor when he was an infant) and thought it was odd that my ped prescribed them for DD. I did try giving the vitamin to DD once, actually only a fourth of the dose, and she puked it up. I simply did not give it to her anymore, I really did not think she needed it although I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t really gather much info to back that up at the time (DD is now almost 1 so this is no longer an issue).
    From what I’ve learned recently, it appears that giving a breastfed baby iron supplements, at least for the first 6 months, is actually BAD because it interferes with the absorption of the more bioavailable iron in BM. So, I’m glad I went with my gut on that score.
    My question is, what about B vitamins and Vitamin D? Should these be given to breastfed babies at all? Keep in mind, I live in Wisconsin, where babies don’t get much sunlight in the winter.
    I would appreciate personal input as well as any references to authorities on this issue.


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    Default Re: Vitamin supplements for breastfed infants?

    BF don't need additional vitamin supplements. BM has everything in it they need for the first year. That being said, I live in Florida so Vitamin D is not an issue at any time during the year. As you mentioned, I have also heard that giving iron supplements to babies when they are not deficient can be harmful. I would refrain from that one.

    Maybe some other moms in places with less sunlight exposure opportunities could share whether they supplement with vit D.

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    Default Re: Vitamin supplements for breastfed infants?

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    Default Re: Vitamin supplements for breastfed infants?

    My son's doc really is in favor of vitamin D supplements, as well as iron supplements after 9 months. When J tested low on hemoglobin at 9 months, she insisted that we start him on infant vitamin drops - which made his stomach so horribly upset that he couldn't eat at all. Needless to say, we stopped this after 2 days and dealt with it through foods. ((All the details on this are in the "vegetarian baby" thread if you want to read the whole saga...)) We did eventually come around to agreeing - at 1 year, i think - to crushing up part of a children's chewable vitamin and giving it to him with his food daily. He tolerates that just fine. I'm not opposed to this because it doesn't seem to be causing him problems and he is thriving and eating really well, etc., etc.... I might not worry about the supplements until the 9-12 month age, though... when the bulk of the diet is still breast milk, chances are baby is doing just fine from momma.
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    Default Re: Vitamin supplements for breastfed infants?

    I am also a wisconsin gal and was told to give vitamins to my Annie. So far I have not done so. I may consider it, just for the winter months for the health benefits. I will have a 4 year old in 4 year old kidergarden and am worried about the added germ load he will bring home.

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