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Thread: re-introducing toddler to breast

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    Default re-introducing toddler to breast

    My son weaned at 3 months due to my not having the support I needed to get through some problems. I am now pregnant & due in late January. I would love to have my son (who will be 1yr 8mos) have breastmilk again! Is this possible?

    I know that older children get interested when they see the new baby nursing--I just would love to have some cuddle time with him at the breast.


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    Default Re: re-introducing toddler to breast

    I dunno if its possible or not... but I would pump and give it to him in a cup if you want him to get the milk.. if its more the cuddle time you want then I would try it but don't be dissappointed if he isn't into it Its worth a shot though. GL

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    Default Re: re-introducing toddler to breast

    I have no idea, but there is a "Pregnant and Breastfeeding" and "relactation" forum you could check out...
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