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Thread: Leaking at Night

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    Question Leaking at Night

    Help. 1 month old daughter sleeping for most of the night (3-4 hours at a clip). Hence, experiencing severe engorgement and leakage during the night. My milk seem to come in a bit fast a furious when she does wake up to nurse, which leads to her choking (surprisingly, she does better at night with the choking - no choking while nursing sleepy). During the day she chokes on the milk for the first sip.

    My question is, how do I get more comfortable during the night? The pain is a bit unbearable. During the day, not a problem.

    So night time feedings: great for baby, great latch on, great regulation of the milk for her (despite the fast flow). For mom, not so good: engorgement and generally uncomfortable.

    Daytime feedings: great for mom, no pain. For baby: fast flow leads to choking (quite scary).

    Any advice would be great. Thanks

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    Maybe try expressing a SMALL amount b/f nursing to eliminate that powerful first let-down so your LO doesn't choke. Don't express too much though b/c you'll end up with more engorgement issues. Same at night. Try expressing just enough to make yourself comfortable. At 1 month PP your body is still "learning". Things will even out. I still leak at night if DS (4.5 mo) sleeps more than 7-8hrs but I haven't dealt with any uncomfortable engorgement for at least a couple of months now.

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    Agree with pp, just thought I'd add - try side lying nursing if you can during the day. It slows the flow!
    Take some comfort in knowing that things are going so well with regard to supply, latch, etc!
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