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Thread: Low Supply in the Evening??

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    Default Low Supply in the Evening??

    Hello everyone. I've been reading posts here for awhile and it has been very helpful...

    My little one is 8 weeks old. She feeds one breast per feeding. She is feeding well and growing well. Also she is sleeping from about 10:30 PM - 5:00 AM. I usually feel really full in the morning and through the day that full feeling gradually goes away, but by nighttime she seems so frustrated...I can't tell if it's because there's not enough milk or it's just not coming out as fast as she'd like....but I feel really empty. It seems as though she's getting enough to eat in all her feedings combined because she's sleeping through the night and she's got plenty of good diapers etc. What up with my evening supply? She seems to get frustrated and then she tugs and pulls on by breast...which hurts!!

    Anybody have any words of wisdom?


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    Default Re: Low Supply in the Evening??

    It is totally normal for your supply to dip a little in the evening. If your lo is sleeping through the night and diaper count is fine, I wouldn't even worry about it.

    Also, even though your breasts don't feel full, they are still full of milk. After a while, your body will regulate how much milk your baby needs and feelings of engorgement go away. Pretty soon when you wake up in the morning, you will not be engorged either. Just trust your body.

    In the evenings I would just offer your breast more often than usual. This will help your suppy. You could also pump after your evening nursing sessions to help supply. Eating a bowl of oatmeal a day helps me.

    Hope this helped.

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    Default Re: Low Supply in the Evening??

    Evening fussiness combined with a dip in supply is normal. Are you offering both breasts in the evening, or just one? If you're offering just one, you might want to switch to offering both for a while. Some people also find an afternoon nap (for mom) to be helpful in boosting evening supply.

    Eventually your body will learn to make more milk in the evenings. Until then, hang in there!!!

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    Default Re: Low Supply in the Evening??

    Thank you for your replies. I need to learn to trust my body...it's just hard sometimes when she's tugging at my breast and seeming so frustrated. I've thought of pumping after the last feeding...maybe if I have enough energy by then I will! I love the afternoon nap idea!!!


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    Default Re: Low Supply in the Evening??

    heres a link that might help also

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