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Thread: milk blister?

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    Default milk blister?

    Just recently I started experiencing some pain while breastfeeding, I checked DD's latch and everything seemed ok but then I noticed a small, yellow pimple on my nipple.

    Is this a milk blister? What caused it and what can I do to treat it? FYI, I'm nursing from one side only (my left has always produced much less than my right, to the point where DD will only nurse from my right side) and DD pretty much refuses to take EBM from a bottle so I'm anxious to get it healed as quickly as possible


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    Default Re: milk blister?

    A milk blister is fluid filled. Does it look like that? Mine were never yellow but clear looking.

    Read about milk blisters here.

    My personal experience is they are very painful and I personally have to lance mine. I steralize a needle and pop/drain it. Then I apply a small dab of neosporin and it heals very quickly. Also for me the pain was a lot less after popping it.

    Just make sure you continue to nurse on that side. You don't have to wipe off the neosporin either as long as you use a small amount.

    Good luck, they are no fun!

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    Default Re: milk blister?

    with the PP. My blisters were always whitish-yellowish, but like the PP, I always resorted to lancing them.

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    Default Re: milk blister?

    It looked like it was fluid filled, but when I tried to pop it this morning, I couldn't drain anything out. It's still quite hard to the touch (sorta like a pimple..?)

    I've tried hot compresses before nursing and pumping after nursing, but it's still there.

    Is there any way it'll clear up by itself? Should I try popping it again?

    Also, can a milk blister affect your supply? I ask because normally I can get 2 or 3ozs after pumping, but today I could get less than 1oz. Could this be because of the milk blister, or am I just stressing about it too much?

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