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Thread: Nursing my 6 month old while pregnant

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    Default Nursing my 6 month old while pregnant

    We just found out we're expecting our second (I think I'm about 9 weeks along - haven't had our ultrasound yet). I started noticing about a month ago that our 6 month old wasn't having as many wet diapers, my breast didn't seem as full, and he's always sucking on my neck, arm, whatever is accessible though he nurses about 8 - 12 times a day. I'm wondering if my milk supply is slowing down because I'm pregnant. Is this possible/normal? And what should I do about it? I eat really, really well: about 120 oz H20 a day, lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and calcium. Should I be supplementing his nursing besides the single serving of solid food before bed (we've been doing rice cereal and started green beans last week)?

    Also, we were planning on nursing our first until he was a year old but if I continue nursing him will it affect the second baby eg: induce early labor from nipple stimulation, prevent colostrum from forming, or any other issues that may arise? Any guidance on either or both issues would be greatly appreciated. I love being a mama and we're thrilled that we've been blessed with number 2 so quickly. We just want to do what's best for both our babies.

    Sorry so long but it's my babies and I really want to do what's in their best interest. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Nursing my 6 month old while pregnant

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! I think the answers to a lot of your questions can be found at http://www.kellymom.com/nursingtwo/faq/index.html Oh, and check out the tandem nursing forum lower down the page.

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    Default Re: Nursing my 6 month old while pregnant

    You should join the pregnant and nursing thread! Lots of mommas are going through the same thing and can give you some good advice.

    I would certainly keep an eye on weight gain & wets and dirty diapers. Since your LO is so young you will probably have to supplement eventually. Have you considered using a SNS to keep your baby at the breast until your milk comes back after the new baby?

    Congrats on the pregnancy!! How exciting for your family.

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    Default Re: Nursing my 6 month old while pregnant

    I know a lot of Mamas here have had their supply diminish during pregnancy. I think you just have to keep an eye on your lo's wets and dirties. You may have to supplement since your babe is still relying on BM for most of their nutritional needs until 1yr.

    My sisters have nursed right through pregnancies, but with toddlers, so they weren't relying on BM for nutrition.


    Good luck!

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