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    aside from the recipies and suggested aga appropriate foods how doeople feel about this book, and why?
    i was shocked with a few ideas....amount of soilids at such a young age, my dd isnt that interested. i was also shocked at her idea that nursing to comfort may lead to overweight child. i may hav read her wrong, it was a small sentence, but it stood out to me.....it sounded crazy and contradicted alot of what iv read/feel.
    does anyone else feel chunks of the ideology contradict attachmentt parenting and the more current approach to feeding a bfb under 1yr of age?

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    I totally agree with you. There is a lot on that book that I don't agree with and it was one of the reasons why I was so confused when started ds on solids, but now I just go with my instincts. My ds does not eat anything close to what the book recommends. Basically, I am just using the book for the recipes it has as my ds gets older.

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