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Thread: Vit C, a cold, or other helpful ideas????

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    Default Vit C, a cold, or other helpful ideas????

    Hello again ladies,
    DS has a real bad cold. He can't breathe at all. We were up all night last night with him and a real sick horse.

    I hear some moms give a vit c supplement. Do you recommend this for a 13 month old? If so, what kind, amount, etc??? What other things can I do besides baby vicks and a humidifier?

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    Default Re: Vit C, a cold, or other helpful ideas????

    dr sears should have some good info on his web site.



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    Default Re: Vit C, a cold, or other helpful ideas????

    There isn't much you can do with a cold except comfort care and it sounds like you are doing all you can. You could also bring him in the bathroom and run the hot shower...the steam might be helpful.

    Sorry I don't know much about vitamin C.

    Hugs mama...hope he is feeling better soon.
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    Default Re: Vit C, a cold, or other helpful ideas????

    You can use a dropper to squirt some saline solution or breastmilk (even better!) in his nose. Either one will help to thin the secretions and help to keep nasal passages moist (in a good way).


    ETA: you have to do this while he's lying down, so it goes right up into the sinuses.
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    Default Re: Vit C, a cold, or other helpful ideas????

    Do you have a humidifier? That will work wonders and I know that when I'm sick with congestion or sick period what really helps is fluids so either nurse him as much as he will take or give him whatever he will drink. It will relieve all that congestion and allow it to come out. Vitamin C definitely helps, because for one I'm been on the Emergence Immune Boost daily regiment and I've had only like a slight sore throat since the winter began. That doesn't sound like a lot but this is from someone that would get sick if someone so much as sniffled! I don't know if that loads my milk up with all the same vitamins or not because my son hasn't become sick either...But instead of supplements I would offer your baby lots of vitamin c rich food like oranges, apples, broccoli, peaches, apricots...etc. Dr sears has a lot of information on what vitamins (and what foods contain them)...Oh, and of course, the old fashioned chicken soup should work great too

    Hope your little one feels great soon!
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