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Thread: Several questions on feeding my 13 month old son

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    Default Several questions on feeding my 13 month old son

    Hello ladies:

    I have several questions regarding feeding. He still nurses on demand, about every 3-4 hours during the day and every 2-3 hours at night. He is a VERY picky eater. He hates everything really except, Beech Nut Ham and Pineapple, Chicken and Apples and Fruits. I offer a variety at each feeding, but the feedings turn into battles and he isn't getting any better. I've also tried homemade baby food or our table food. No luck there either. Oh and he want eat level 3 baby food. He will only eat level 2. He doesn't like the small chunks of food in the 3.

    1. How often should I be feeding solids(meals and snacks) in a day?

    2. How much should he be eating at each meal? One jar, two, etc..

    3. How do I get him to like Whole Milk? He hates it too.

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    Default Re: Several questions on feeding my 13 month old son

    If you're still nursing him I wouldn't worry the least bit about him not liking whole milk. If you want him to eventually drink it you can just keep offering it to him and he may or may not drink it. It's not absolutely necessary, though.

    At 13 months, dd was eating 3 meals and probably 2-3 snacks per day. I can't really say about the jars because she was eating table foods and I didn't really measure how much she was eating.

    Have you considered dropping the jars and just offering him whatever you are eating? He might be more excited to eat if he sees that he's getting the same thing mommy and daddy are getting. THat cuts down on the stress for you, too because you can just serve him and let him eat on his own time while you eat your dinner on your own time.

    Either way, I'd say that with that much nursing you don't really need to be overly concerned with how much he is eating. Definitely keep offering foods, offering a variety of foods in different textures and flavors and let him play. Keep offering things you don't think he likes because he will change his mind constantly, I know my daughter does.

    Try not to make it a stressful situation for you or him, because it doesn't need to be and that might affect his willingness to eat, iykwim. When you offer snacks, you might try just setting a plate out on the coffee table (or wherever) while he plays so he can graze on the go.
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    Default Re: Several questions on feeding my 13 month old son

    DD is 13 mos old and we offer 3 meals a day and maybe an occasional snack. Some meals & days she eats more than others. I just try to give her a variety and let her eat as much as she wants- she makes it pretty clear when she's done. My pedi used a guideline of giving her about a tbsp of each thing we were eating and that her stomach is the size of her fist, so they don't need a lot, not sure how many ounces or jars, but at least it's a rough idea. She has always preferred table food, though, some of her favorites are baked sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, peas, cheerios, whole grain waffles, chicken, ground meat (especially taco meat or in spaghetti sauce), pears, peaches, plums, bananas, apples, & avocado. About the only jarred/pureed food she'll eat is some of the fruits, like pears or prunes which I keep on hand in case of constipation or if I don't have fresh fruit handy. I would continue to offer a variety and definitely include some table foods and just be patient.
    If you're nursing that often, you don't need whole milk at all. In fact, whole milk in addition to that much bm might fill him up to much to eat the solids he needs. If you're trying to wean some and sub whole milk, you could try mixing bm & milk to start with or someone suggested cream and milk since bm is fattier than whole milk. Also, I've heard some kids get confused if you call bm "milk" and cows milk "milk", because they expect it to be the same thing and it's not, so sometimes just having different names to distinguish them could help. Sorry if I'm rambling, but hope this helps a little.
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