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Thread: How long?

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    Red face How long?

    I'm going to try the tea or the blessed thistle and fenugreek. How long should I take them. Is there limit to how long you should take them or is it okay to take them as a daily regimin for however long? I could use all the help I can get!!

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    Kellymom.com says the following regarding Fenugreek:

    "Mothers generally notice an increase in production 24-72 hours after starting the herb, but it can take two weeks for others to see a change.

    Dosages of less than 6 capsules/day (approx 3500 mg/day) produce no effect in many women. One way to determine if you're taking the correct dosage is to slowly increase the amount of fenugreek until your sweat and urine begin to smell like maple syrup. If you're having problems with any side effects, discontinue use and consider alternative methods of increasing milk supply.

    Fenugreek can be used either short-term to boost milk supply or long-term to augment supply and/or pumping yields. There are no studies indicating problems with long-term usage. Per Kathleen Huggins "Most mothers have found that the herb can be discontinued once milk production is stimulated to an appropriate level. Adequate production is usually maintained as long as sufficient breast stimulation and emptying continues"

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    ...Herbal remedies for increasing milk supply

    Many moms also swear by oatmeal ...

    Oatmeal for increasing milk supply

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    the first time i used fenugreek (when dd was 4 weeks old), i used it for about 2 weeks and it definitely increased my milk supply. the lactation specialist at my hospital told me to take it for 2 weeks, so i did. i was able to maintain that increased level of milk supply. however, with the stresses of going back to work, i feel that my milk supply has dwindled a bit, so i'm back on fenugreek again (my dd is now 13 weeks old). i think this time i'll take it for about 3 weeks or so. there hasn't been any studies down indicating problems with long-term usage, but i always think it's a good thing to give your body a break from taking herbals when you can. good luck!

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