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Thread: more milk plus?

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    Default more milk plus?

    Has anyone tried this? I was wondering if it really works in 2-3 days and if so, will it still work if my son only latches occasionally? At least then I could pump for him.

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    Default Re: more milk plus?

    I use this and I noticed a difference pretty quickly.

    It comes highly recommended by my IBCLC. I tried taking the herbs separatly and it was just too many pills to take.

    It's costly but it worked for me pretty quickly (I took it one day, only twice a day instead of 4, I forgot!) and I've forgotten to take it each day since and I noticed my slight increase (I'm still in the very start of relactation) go away!

    It's worth the try! I got mine from ebay and the seller was awesome! I can give you her info if you're interested in getting it. It was cheaper than ordering it from motherlove.com! PM me if you want her name...

    Good luck!

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