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    A friend of mine picked up this tea for me. I've been drinking it (haven't noticed a difference really) but I wanted to know what you all thought of it.

    Lunar Eclipse - Lunar Nursing Tea
    "Helps ease infant colic and gas. Helps promote milk flow."
    Contents: fennel seeds, raspberry leaves, nettle, dill and anise seeds, orange peel, Chinese star anise, cinnamon bark.

    It has a licorice smell, but only slightly in taste. I'm not going to say it's the yummiest thing on the planet. But it isn't bad and I've developed a bit of a taste for it. I'm not taking it for any particular reason other than that a) I'm nursing b) I'm avoiding caffeine c) I thought it couldn't hurt and if it helps, why not?

    So what do you think?

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    It's worth a shot. I drank Mother's Milk tea with my first lo. Sounds really familiar to that. I didn't drink it long enough to notice a difference though.

    I'm Laura, mamma of 2



    We love and

    We have been nursing for over 2 years now!

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