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Thread: labeling of bottles

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    Default labeling of bottles

    hi i was wanting some tips on labeling of my platex bottles for dd at daycare? and i have a 1hr 15 min drive to work just a cooler with ice would that work?

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    I would just use a sharpie and label the bottles (on stickers so you can remove and replace) with your LOs name and the date. You might even put an expiration date on it. Milk on ice in a cooler should be fine. I have an hour commute each way also. I refridgerate the milk that I pump during the day and then put it into an insulated container for the trip home.


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    Sorry to chime in so late! When I need to label the bottles I use clear hockey tape and a sharpie.

    I have a small soft-sided lunch container cooler which I use for my milk. I stick a couple of those blue freezer blocks in (frozen), and it is good to use all day. I store the milk there after pumping as well. My commute is pretty long too.

    Hope this helps,

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    I label my pumped milk (which I keep in the bottles that came with the pump) with a piece of scotch tape over the lid, and "pump 9/22" for example on it with a Sharpie. I store it in a fridge at work, and transport in the cooler pack bag that came with the pump. During the day at work I put the cooler packs in the freezer at work.

    At night when I am preparing the bottles for the next day I simply pull off the tape and stick it on the playtex bottle. My daycare requires that I also write the date that it is to be given, and the volume, so I write that with a Sharpie on the flaps that are on the baggy insert (I don't use drop-ins-- too expensive).

    I transport the bottles to daycare in another cooler pack. It stays cool for a long time.

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    Default Re: labeling of bottles

    I like the blue multi-purpose tape for labeling bottles - it doesn't make them all sticky like scotch tape does.

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    I use bright green labeling tape on my bottles and write on it with a sharpie. I just have to write my daughter's name and the date to be given. I use bright green tape because I think it is less likely to be mixed up with someone else's bottle that way. Some people at the daycare have permanent labels with their child's name on the bottles and just have to put the date on.

    For transporting, I use the freezer ice packs in a little cooler. I put the bottles in in the morning to go to daycare and then keep the cooler with me to put the pumped milk in at work. It lasts all day and then I freeze the packs again overnight.
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