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    Question Hot flashes

    My son is 6 months old and I've been breastfeeding him exclusively and my cycle hasn't returned yet (probably due to the fact that I'm breastfeeding).

    Well, I've been having extremely bad hot flashes sporadically throughout the day and for hours at night (I usually can't get any rest until right before dawn). It feels horrible. I get all tingly and this awful pressure and then the hot flash goes into full force with heart palpitations and so far I haven't been able to get anything to alleviate them.

    I've stuck my head in the freezer, I've walked outside when it's cold out, put cold towels on my head, drank a glass of cold water when it starts, had a fan on me full blast and none of these things help. Anyone got any pointers?

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    I've also tried cold water on the wrists and controlled breathing. The controlled breathing helped somewhat, but not enough to be able to get any sleep at night.

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    I would see your doctor. I think hot flashes can be a normal hormonal thing but can also be related to problems with your thyroid.

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