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Thread: 3 year old frozen breast milk, is it good?

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    Default 3 year old frozen breast milk, is it good?

    Before I start, I want to tell everybody that I know the standart for Breast milk storage. Deep freeze in seperate standing freezer can hold Breast milk for up to 1 year. I just started my "googeling" for some anwsers, studies, whys..., buts..., and I have found this site, so Im asking! My friend has frozen breast milk, frozen in deep self standing frieezer, for 3-4 years. She has at least 10 gallons. I gave birth to twins 3 months ago at 37+ weeks, and breast fed for a month, pumped, and with no help, one baby having a v. bad reflux and everything on earth going bad for me I wasn't phisically able to continue. On top of that I have a prolactinama-10mm. I was crying for weeks. Does any body know a source for info on why frozen breast milk goes bad, and how, and how they came up with the numbers for storage? thanks
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    Default Re: 3 year old frozen breast milk, is it good?

    I would be super skeptical of it. In fact, I just plain wouldn't use it. Just me, but I NEVER use anything past a "best if used by date" I guess you could always test it..? I would personally test it for smell and taste (drink it yourself) before you feed it to your baby I certainly wouldn't recommend it and I don't know if any other mama's would. (I'm not being mean so I hope I haven't hurt your feelings)
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    Default Re: 3 year old frozen breast milk, is it good?

    I would probably steer clear of it as well. The standard guidelines are probably set for a good reason. I"m not sure, but I would think that with it being frozen that long it may lose some of it's nutritional values as well.

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    Default Re: 3 year old frozen breast milk, is it good?

    I hear the desperation in your voice to will the milk good. I think that it's not that we have the knowledge to prove that 3 year old milk is not good, it's probably that the research has not been done to prove it safe.

    The problem with frozen milk is that it can break down over time, the fats and antibodies and all the other things we've got no clue about. But I've not run across anything that does extended studies, and in fact, the new LLLI guidelines say 6 months or longer for the conditions hers were in. It does not give an expiration date for that condition. The thing is that assumes that it's been stored in an appropriate container and that it has maintained a constant temperature. If this is a freezer that gets opened everyday I'd be wary.

    I would never give it to a child with an even suspected low immunity. She probably did not collect it in completely sterile conditions (this is only needed for mom's of preemies or very sick babies), and it's not been pasteurized. That could potentially be a very bad situation.

    Depending on where you live you might have access to a milk bank, it can be cost prohibitive though.
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    Default Re: 3 year old frozen breast milk, is it good?

    I personally would not bother using it because the antibodies that you are wanting to get from it are probably no longer there. The milk may not be spoiled, but it won't be effective either I don't think. If you have a local university, the Biology dept may be willing to test it. If it's close to ten gallons, it would be worth it to find out. Being that it was not your milk, the babies are preemies (mine are too), and it is old, I would be very careful.

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