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Thread: Fore/hindmilk questions

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    Default Fore/hindmilk questions

    I have some questions regarding fore/hindmilk. I apologize in advance if some of the questions sound silly. I am a first time mom and all I do is ask questions!

    First a little history...

    I have a gorgeous 7 week old baby boy. He is gaining weight nicely and having several wet diapers. I started BF him right from birth...despite a minor breast infection, the BF is going fine. Well, sort of.

    I have an OALD which results in an abundance of milk and uncomfortable engorgement issues. I was told that I have fore/hindmilk imbalance which leads to gassiness and fussiness in my DS. To counteract this problem, I try to pump before each feeding, feed only on one breast until it empties (usually a few feedings) and feed reclined.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How much foremilk does one produce (during each feeding)? Is it even possible to know?

    2. My DS usually feeds every 3 hours (sometimes more)--since I feed him on the one breast for a couple feedings, is there foremilk left in the breast when I feed him the second time around? Or has it all been expelled when I fed him the first time? I'm asking this question because sometimes he feeds for 10minutes during the first and second feeding and I'm concerned that all I am feeding him is foremilk (which leads to gassiness?)

    3. Since I pump before each feeding, is the expressed milk worth freezing? Suppose all I am pumping is foremilk, I don't want to feed my DS this milk due to the lack of nutrients. (I am currently not bottlefeeding, but may in the future).

    4. I was told to feed reclined to slowdown my milk and also to feed the baby upright to reduce gas...how do I do this comfortably?

    I hope my questions make sense.

    Thanks for the advice/help!

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    Default Re: Fore/hindmilk questions

    Congratulations on the baby and on gettin goff to a pretty good start with breastfeeding! This link may help answer some of your questions-and has pics of how to do the reclining position:
    Also, pumping before EVERY feeding might be causing you to produce even more milk, because your milk supply keeps up with demand.
    There is also a board on this site specifically about oversupply and OALD. You could check that out.
    Best of luck!


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    Default Re: Fore/hindmilk questions

    Did you get the replies to this question on the other thread?? I think your question was posted twice!


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