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Thread: Stressed out feedings

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    My daughter is 10 weeks old and we weaned off the nipple shield about 2 weeks ago but she has been pulling off my breast after about 8 min on each side, sometimes before that and gets very upset. At first I thought she was full but then she just keeps crying and sticks her hands in her mouth so I would think she must be hungry. She gets the occasional bottle (only when ABSOLUTELY necessary i.e. when I had to go under sedation for a colonoscopy). However I feel that alot of her feedings are stressful for her because I try to get her back on when she pulls off, then try to calm her down again, get her back on the breast, pulls off...so on and so forth. She is also just making 6 wet diapers a day and rarely goes over 6 (not sure if thats ok). I really want that healthy, happy, breastfeeding relationship but the lactation consultant said that if she is getting so stressed out, it might be best to give it a rest and just give her pumped milk in a bottle. I obviously want to do the best for my baby and I dont want her to be stressed out and that definitely comes first but I really would love to breastfeed her stress-free! Any suggestions on what would be best for our situation?
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    First, six wet diapers sounds pretty standard to me, although you didn't mention how many poopy diapers she is having. At 2 1/2 months it's normal for their nursing time to have shortened considerably as they are getting more and more efficient at the breast. How is your baby's weight gain?

    Sucking on hands can be a sign of hunger but it can also just be a developmental thing. My daughter sucked on her hands - and later on anything she can pick up - nonstop and still does. It definitely makes it more challenging when you are looking for the hunger cues!

    Here is a link I found helpful when dealing with a fussy nurser. Maybe something here will sound familiar to you.

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    Great link from pp. I wonder if your lo got used to a slow flow through the shield and is now getting overwhelmed? My lo fussed like this because I had a fierce letdown. But 10 minutes in...hmmm. Does it help if you switch breasts? Change position? I used to literally walk my lo around the house to keep her latched for a few weeks there. Crazy, I know, but it worked!

    Hang in there Mama. Exclusively pumping for your lo is no picnic, as other Mamas who have BTDT will tell you. It will get easier. Just do some detective work and try some different things.


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    Default Re: Stressed out feedings

    Could it be OALD? It sounds like it may be. Have you researched that at all?

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    How do you feel your milk supply is? Do you think you might have a low supply? It sounds like it might be a possibility.
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