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Thread: reducing supplementation...update and questions

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    Default reducing supplementation...update and questions

    My little girl is now 12 weeks old. I have been trying to reduce the amount of formula she's getting for the last 6 weeks. Formula was introduced due to losing too much weight in early weeks. Well I've been following the Kellymom protocol for reducing supplement and it seems to be going quite well. I've got down from 16oz at 6 weeks to 8oz per day now. Despite all my worries, her weigh ins are still on target for a breast fed baby

    It's taken a lot of work but I feel that it is so worth it. However, there are a few issues that I have now....

    Her wet diaper output is OK...at least 6 wets per day but her dirty diaper output is erratic and so it's difficult to be sure whether she's getting enough milk. She can go 5 days without a BM and then have 3 in one day. Is this normal? Also her poops have become like greenish soft clay rather than the usual grainy mustard look...is that OK? Finally I've invested in a baby scales and so can weigh her before and after feeds - it seems she only gets about 1-2 oz from both breasts at a feed. That doesn't seem like much at all to me...has anyone else done this and how much does your LO get at a feed?

    Thanks, Lucy xx
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    Default Re: reducing supplementation...update and questions

    Hi there!
    My lo is almost 11 weeks and I too tried a few times to weight him to see how much ounces he drinks per feeding. I got about the same 1,50-2 ounces per breast ( He usually takes both breast). I was quite surprise to see the amount ( I guess I am soo use to hearing people talk about 4-5-6-7ouces per feeding by bottle feed babies).

    I found this on kelly mom wich gives you an idea how much the baby drinks in a day and per feeding ( its for pumping but gives you an idea...)


    by the way good job on the BF , sounds like your doing a great job!!
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    Default Re: reducing supplementation...update and questions

    My LO has the same poop issues...some days she poops twice then she will wait a few days. I asked my peditrician and he said that this was normal for breastfeed babies (over one month). He said that since they absorb the bm so well, they do not have as much poop as formula fed babies.

    As far as how much the baby should be eating...I am not an expert here but I have read on kellymom that about 25 ounces per day is about what they should eat.
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    Default Re: reducing supplementation...update and questions

    Wow, Lucy, that's a wonderful accomplishment!

    5 days without a bowel movement is not unusual for a 12 week old breastfed baby. I'm not sure how the addition of formula affects things, but combined with the wet diapers and weight gain it sounds like she's most likely getting what she needs.

    The LLL info that I have says that babies need about 2 to 2.5 fluid ounces of nourishment per pound of body weight every twenty four hours to maintain a normal weight gain.

    So, for example, if she weighed 13 pounds she would need around 26 ounces, and if she's getting 8 ounces of formula per day that leaves about 18 ounces of breast milk. If she gets 2 ounces of breast milk per feeding, she would need to nurse about 9 times per 24 hours, or about every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. How much she's getting at a feeding probably varies quite a bit though.

    Complicated math aside, , if her weight gain is good, you're on the right track. Having to balance the supplementing and breastfeeding makes it more uncertain and stressful, I'm sure. But it sounds like you're doing the right things decreasing the supplements gradually and keeping a close eye on her weight, and that things are going well.

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