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Thread: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

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    Default Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I take a prenatal vitamin everyday. I am so tired everyday now. My DD is almost 7 mo EBF, sleeping generally well. I would say I get about at least 6 hours a night sometimes am spoiled and get 8 but am still just so tired. I was thinking about taking a B complex so went to Kellymom and they say that I shouldn't need any vitamins only a good diet. Which I admit is not so great. My cousin had her DS 5 months ago is now lost all baby weight and more but also has an amazing and healthy cook for a dh. Jealous I am!

    Wondering is everyone tired? Anyone taking any vitamins?
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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I just take my prenatal vitamins.

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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I'm so very tired. But I'm also really bad about going to bed when I have the chance (like now) b/c I'm so happy to have some "me" time.

    I take prenatals, an iron supplement, and some omegas. I think if you are low on iron you can have less energy. I forget to take mine all the time though.

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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I just take a regular multi and Vit d when I remember.. ( which is a few times a week)
    You don't need a stellar diet.. Just make sure you are getting enough protein and iron and fluids. Drink lots of water, eat protein and iron rich foods.
    Also its common to have thryoid issues post partum - that could be making you tired. You might want to get your thyoid checked.

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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I take a prenatal when I remember, which lately hasn't been too often. Yep, and I'm tired, but like pp said, I could also go to bed earlier than I do, so I think it's more me than lack of vitamins. I would check the level of vit's in your prenatal before adding additional supp's though, I know when I ran out of my prenatals at one point, I took one of those one a day vitamin packs, and it turned my milk bright yellow-probably harmless, but a little disturbing. If you're really run down, it wouldn't hurt to get some blood work too for thyroid, iron levels, etc. just to make sure everything's good.
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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I take a prenatal...I tried taking omegas but they made me sick to my stomach.
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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    This is my daily run down
    1 prenatal
    3 calciums and 2 magnisiums -this is because 2 cal 1 mag combo keeps my migrains away but I upped the calc. since I've had to go dairy free for DD and the extra mag. is to keep me from getting constipated from all the calcium
    and 1 B complex when I remember

    I usually forget the B vit. since I take everything else at night and I don't sleep well if I add the B, so I try to take it after breakfast but with two kids under two I'm lucky if I remember to brush my teeth before noon

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    Default Re: Any Moms take vitamins or nutrients

    I feel your fatigue! ;-)

    I take a pre-natal (with iron b/c I have iron issues), a calcium supplement b/c my nails have fallen apart since I started bf, omega b/c of what it does for brain development and echinicea b/c my dh is a firefighter, my two older los are in elementary school and our house is often ground-zero for Cold Central, lol. It's like a pharmacy in my kitchen sometimes.
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