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Thread: How do supplements work?

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    Question How do supplements work?

    How exactly do supplements like fenegreek (sp?), more milk plus, etc work to increase supply? What do they do in our bodies that makes us produce more milk? Thanks

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    I don't know how all the supplements work, but I know that fenugreek is supposed to increase the output of your sweat glands. Since mammary glands are, developmentally speaking, modified sweat glands, fenugreek presumably works on your breasts in the same way it works on your sweat glands.

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    I know that certain herbs support your production in different ways. The More Milk Plus, what I recommend, has 4 herbs. I talked to Motherlove and this is the info they gave me. The Fenugreek does help stimulate the mammary glads, which is a modified sweat gland. The blessed thistle increases blood flow and helps with circulation. The fennel helps with let down and helps calm the stomach. The nettle helps support moms nutrition because it is high is essential vitamins and minerals. There is another herb called goats rue (not in the more milk plus, but you can get the more milk special blend that does have it) This helps build mammary tissue it that is a reason you are not producing enough milk. I personally think that the more milk plus combination of herbs works the best. Their website www.motherlove.com has lots of info on how the herbs work. Hope this helps.

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