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Thread: Pumping at work w/OS and OLD issues

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    Default Pumping at work w/OS and OLD issues

    Hello , I am mommy of a 2 month old and in reading through this forum, I'm learning so much. I did not know my BF problems had a name and that other mommies were going through the same issues. I have been going crazy trying to figure out why my LO would fuss while feeding and has green, smelly poop. I will try the block feeding and hope this works as baby doctor had me to stop drinking milk . Why aren't ped's informed about this issue so they can properly help desperate and tired moms. Anyway, I work a midnight schedule and LO stays home w daddy. If I begin the block feeding, what should I do when I need to pump at work? I need to pump because I need to make sure I don't run out of milk supply for nights when daddy has LO. How often should I pump? I have a double pump.
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    Hi there! I have OLAD and when my daughter(now 2 1/2) had green, mucousy poops I was convinced that it was due to OLAD, but I was wrong. She actually had a protein intolerance to dairy AND soy. Only with removing all of these items(not easy!) from my diet did the green poops go away and her fussiness stop. By your doc just saying "don't drink milk" might not stop the issue either(this is what our doc said too) because I had to eliminate all of the items from my diet that had dairy or soy. I'm only telling you this because if it doesn't end up being from OLAD you should stop over at the allergies forum and hear from other moms who went through protein intolerance issues and BFing. Either way(OLAD or Protein issue), most babies get better as they get older. Hang in there!

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