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Thread: Another benefit to breastfeeding

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    Default Another benefit to breastfeeding

    Someone on another board I'm on posted this! Go breastfeeding mamas!


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    Default Re: Another benefit to breastfeeding

    That's awesome!

    Kimberly Mommy to Landin and Avery


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    Default Re: Another benefit to breastfeeding

    Thats very interesting. Who would have thought but it does make sense. Babies have some wicked sucking skills, there has to be something behind all that.
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    Default Re: Another benefit to breastfeeding

    WOW. The benefits are endless

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    Default Re: Another benefit to breastfeeding

    Doesn't that make you feel good, when you read more and more things showing how great BFing is!
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    Default Re: Another benefit to breastfeeding

    the benifites are endless

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    Default Re: Another benefit to breastfeeding

    No! Don't you know, it's letting them CIO in their crib all night that gives them good lungs

    That's awesome.

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