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Thread: Emotional Wreck

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    I know how you feel. Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me, if I'm some scary controlling mom who'll never let her go out on a date The hormones make us feel so freaked OUT at times. Doesn't seem fair since moms of all people need to be level-headed. I never thought I'd cry because we're almost finished. But I do. More and more I am astounded at how different we really are from men. Yes, I'm 46 and just now figuring this out woo hooooo.

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    I'm not there yet, but I know I'll feel the exact same way when DD weans completely (we are down to two a day). I'm comforted knowing she is not my last baby though. I know I'll get another chance to have a nursing relationship again. Is this your last baby? That may make it a little harder emotionally kwim? Either way it's hard...lots of s your way.

    Also, I totally can relate to feeling weird since you led the weaning. I weaned DD to three times a day and it took me soooo long to cut that middle of the day nursing out. It's only been a couple days of that and it's hard! I question myself a lot whether it's the right thing. It's almost like breaking up with someone. When you are there in the relationship you want out, but when you actually break up it hurts like heck and you can't remember why you broke up.

    Just remember you gave your daughter an amazing gift and that doesn't go away because you weaned.

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    Mommy to two girls (M & M), born Sept. '07 and Sept. '09

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