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Thread: Am I the only one??

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*fallmother View Post
    And my armpits get itchy.
    I thought I was the only one this happened to!
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    Haha well I guess maybe it was a good thing I posted if several women are saying they thought they were the only one!

    Like I said, I knew it wasn't BAD or anything like that, at worst just a reaction maybe that I was having while getting regulated (I get the weirdest illnesses sometimes), its just that sometimes the feeling is soo horrible that I just sit here begging my LO to hurry up (even though he has NO IDEA what those words even mean yet)
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    It sounds like this is very unpleasant for you. BFing ideally should be a good experience for both baby and mom. Maybe a call to your local LLL leader could help. I think if it's only happening when your LO is almost finished on one breast, maybe you could switch when you start getting that feeling. I've never felt itchy before, and I also didn't feel my let-downs for a few months. I guess every woman is different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*norasmommy View Post
    Your mom could be right. I remember when I first started nursing my entire chest would itch when I'd have a let down. All those nerves in there are doing something totally new and flooded with hormones. I think it takes them a while to get used to it. It will probably go away soon.
    me too. when i letdown, it would itch soo bad.. not my my aerola but just the rest of my breast would. once the milk slowed down it didnt itch anylonger.. and now i dont even feel my let downs afer nursing for 9 monhts now.

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