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Thread: Premature Babies: Corrected Age

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    I discussed this with the pediatrician last night. Amy was born on October 2nd, but wasn't due until November 11th, at only 34 weeks, 2 days. So it turns out that I shouldn't be expecting any smiles any time soon. As per her "corrected age" that won't be for another 4 - 6 weeks yet.

    Now that I know the term "corrected age", I thought I'd share it with those who may not know or it may not have occurred to.

    Assessment of growth, feeding skills, and development should be based on a corrected age for preterm infants. Use of the actual date of birth to calculate age will lead to inappropriate assessment and advice. Parents report that health professionals frequently fail to take prematurity into account.

    * A full term pregnancy is estimated to be 40 weeks from the mother's last menstrual period.
    * The Corrected age (CA) otherwise known as Gestationally Corrected Age (GCA) or sometimes just Gestational Age (GA) is based on the age the child would be if the pregnancy had actually gone to term.
    * Chronological age (CH) is a term that is used to indicate the age from the actual day the child was born.
    * An accurate EDC (expected date of confinement) corrected age is calculated by using that date as a birth date. For example an infant with an EDC of March 1, who was born on January 1, will have a corrected age of 3 months on June 1.

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    Thanks for sharing that.

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