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    Are slow-flow nipples best to use if you breast and bottle feed (EBM once a day and when getting babysat)? We use the Avent bottles with the stage 1 nipples now. Avent says to use stage 2 after a couple months (DS is almost three months old) but I wonder if the slow-flow is closer to the natural "flow" of breast milk?

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    I think that the stage 1 nipple is closer to nursing because the stage 2 is a def a faster flow and I can tell the difference when my daughter uses it.
    I use the Avent bottles too and I have not switched her to the stage 2 nipple she is 11 weeks. She had a problem with the whole breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time situation. She took a preference to the bottle nipple and no matter how hard i worked with her to continue nursing she is still rejecting me. I am now having to exclusively pump for her although I do offer my breast every now and then just in case..she just screams if I put my breast near her

    So, be careful, I would hate for the same thing to happen to you!
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    We actually never switched to a higher stage nipple for DD, and she's 10 months. She rarely gets a bottle though and now can use a sippy cup. But I think if they don't get the chance to try a faster-flow nipple, they won't know what they are missing, KWIM?

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    I would stick with the slow flow nipple. DD1 used it until she used a cup like pp said.

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