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Thread: Small weight gain at 6mos

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    Default Small weight gain at 6mos

    Hi everyone! I'm going to start with a quick intro/history so you will better understand my situation. I'm a WOHM with 4 kids... 9yo DS, 6.5yo DS, 2yo DD, and 6mo DD. I nursed DS#1 4mos, DS#2 7mos, DD#3 15mos, and am currently EBF'ing DD#4. My kids are all big at birth (8.5lbs-9.5lbs) and then once out they "taper off" quite a bit (why I only nursed DS#1 for short time... "inadequate weight gain"). DS#2 & DD#3 have each gone from 75% at birth to 10% by 3mos and stayed there until about 15-18mos, when they jumped to 25%, and finally rested at 50% on their 2nd b-days.

    DD#4 has slipped on her curve up to the 4mo visit, and then this week at her 6mo visit she plummeted having only gained 2oz & grew 1/2 inch in length (eeks). She is only 11lbs 15oz, and 25.5 inches long (she was 8lbs 13oz at birth).

    She takes 16-18oz of EBM each day at sitters, M-F and nurses in am & pm, plus exclusive nursing on weekends. My ped wanted me to supplement 18oz of high cal formula for 2 wks and come back for a weight check. After digging online & talking with babysitter, we came to a conclusion that I might have high levels of lipase (found these forums through a thread about it), and called dr asking if we can attempt the scalding of the milk for 1 week and see if she has a better weight gain. Dr said it would be okay to try this test, and we can come back in 7-10 days for a weight check. I also have a scale at home, and I plan to check her weight every other day to see how she is doing.

    Has anyone here heard of excess lipase causing the baby to not be able to get all the fat from the milk that it needs? My milk "looks normal" and now that we know what might be the smell, hopefully it will smell right again (note: baby has never complained about milk taste/smell).

    I will add that last week our house had a stomach flu... and about 1 month ago I had gall bladder surgery (unexpectedly) and I've had to work to regain my supply. Luckily I had a good size freezer stash to make it through my hospital stay. Is it possible that she just had a bad month recently, and that caused the really poor weight gain? I'm hoping that this next week or so I can get some kind of weight gain and bring her back up. We've also started solids this week (we were beginning to add some here and there before the appt, but now are doing it full force, to see if it will help add some cals to her diet). There is also a great store where I can do a before & after feed weighing that I might try to go to one day to see just how much she is taking from me.

    Any tips & ideas would be great. Thanks for your help!!

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    Default Re: Small weight gain at 6mos

    I'd say that your stomach bug and surgery probably is the likely culprit. Has dd started crawling or walking or otherwise become more active? Those things can also affect weight gain. You breastmilk actually has more calories in it than most solids, so pushing more solids might not be the best answer. At least, try to make sure baby nurses and fills up on some mama milk before eating solids.

    I'm not sure about the lipase thing, hopefully someone else can chime in with some advice on that.

    Good luck mama! I know it can be frustrating to have to worry about weight gain. I hope you guys can figure something out.
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    Thanks! I am use to slower gainers (DD#3 only averaged 2oz per week for her gain), so I was a little taken aback by only 2oz in 2 months. We've been pushing more milk at the babysitter's and I've been nursing longer each time I feed her as well. I know BM is suppose to have more cals than other sources, but my ped is thinking maybe *my* BM doesn't have enough cals for her. She isn't crawling or walking, but does sit unassisted & is very playful. The ped said she is very pleased with her overall status, but was concerned about the lack of gain this go round (she is the same ped that has seen all of my children, once DS#1 was 4mos old, and no longer BF'ing). So what I guess I'm saying is that she is familiar with my "little kids".

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