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Thread: Milk Supply Dropping-HELP!!!

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    Couldn't find the button you were describing. maybe mine doesn't have that button? Did you just buy your pump????

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lilbmam08 View Post
    He is now 7.5 weeks, was 5 weeks early. He only had to stay in the nursury for a week.
    So his adjusted age is about 2.5 weeks? There is still a lot going on for him. Being a preemie is very hard....a lot of preemies barely get a latch down by their due date...much less a correct latch. He also probably isn't the most efficient sucker yet because those muscles take time to get stronger.

    Being a preemie they are faced with so many other things that they have to start doing earlier than other babies would have. Just remember...most babies would have had 5 extra weeks in there not worrying about where their food was coming from...nothing but getting fatter and stronger. Preemies miss out on that. Especially if he was in the NICU, there was probably other things going on as well as possible health concerns.

    In the meantime, you can always try an SNS. That way he is getting milk but he is still on the breast stimulating you to make more. You get the best of both worlds this way. Happy full baby, more breast stimulation from baby and not the pump.

    I am sure over the next few weeks he is going to "get it." His suck will get stronger as his facial muscles get more mature and he will be ready to hit a growth spurt. You'll be nursing all the time but he will be working to get your supply up and hopefully you can stop pumping altogether.

    Good luck mama! You can do it!
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