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Thread: ? for Mothers who work from home

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    Default ? for Mothers who work from home

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    Default Re: ? for Mothers who work from home

    I'm not in the same situation as you, so realize I'm only guessing here and take it for what it's worth. I was thinking maybe your baby is getting distracted by your proximity. You can draw the line between work time and personal time at home, but he doesn't understand. He just wants to be with Mama. It might be easier for him to get his mind on something else when you're not there, and that might be why thr nanny has less problems when it's just them.

    I have no idea why it's just started happening recently. How long have you been on this schedule? I don't have any advice, just a couple thoughts for you to consider: I think it might be good to stick to a routine to cut down on his confusion. Also do you have a separate area of the house that you work so you can be out of sight but close by?

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    This happens to us too and I work from home 1 day a week. Naptime on the weekend is the same as well - difficult. My guess is that they know you're there and don't want to miss the time with you just because of a little sleep (needed or not). I'm still trying to figure it out on my end. Good luck.

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    I work from home 5 days a week and my DS (8 mos) has gotten to the point where he might take 2-30 min naps during the day. He hates to miss anything while I or his dad is around...

    however, he went to a friends home for about 6 hrs and took a nap like peaches-n-cream

    so, I would think that your LO misses you too much while napping

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    I just posted a rant about how much better DS(10.5 months) naps at daycare. I am lucky if I get him to take 2 naps on the weekend, and 45 minutes is also luck I think pp are right. DS (who is mommy-centric) just doesn't want to miss mommy time if he can help it. We also nurse down. He sleeps much better at daycare! Frustrating, yes, but we are trying to power through it, knowing it won't be forever. I don't think...
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