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Thread: Allergic symptoms...?

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    Default Allergic symptoms...?

    Yey.. I think we've reached my son's tolerance to something... I am just not sure on what.

    Since he was 2.5 months (back when I was still on ML, and otherwise breast feeding him night and day), I've noticed this rash on his face. Fine little bumps with a slight red tinge. Called the pedi over the phone (they did not look at him) and they assumed it was heat rash. This was early April, and we still dressed him warmly in a well heated house. It went away after a couple weeks.

    Then after his first round of shots, he had a break out of rash on his legs, elbows, and his face. I assumed perhaps contact dermatisis, cause this was also when he was just wearing onesies more since it was warmer outside. But after that started to clear up (with the app of some 1% hydrocortisone the pedi told us to use) I noticed the rash of bumps on his stomach. This is still reoccurant, and now I wonder if it is more allegery based from food.

    In May, I started working full time again, and had my husband (the caretake for the day) bottle feed my EBM. Toward the end of May, hubby whines that I need to pump more.. he's drinking all the milk before the day is up!

    So out of desperation, I give in and start mixing formula in with the EBM to stretch it out. The son is downing 18 ounces while I am out now, and of course goes back to BFing from me during the evening/night.

    We started with the cow-based formula.. seemed to go well with him. But at the beginning of this month after a couple months use of formula supplementation, I notice DS having a congested sound as he breathes and nurses. Had been coughing much more than usual. He doesn't have a fever, and the rash he has on his stomach is persistant. I wondered maybe it was the cow milk formula that eh was finally getting sick of. So I buy some of the soy-based stuff (since we used up all the cow-based powder anyway).

    Didn't see much of an improvement like they say. Of course, I exclusively nursed all weekend, and don't touch formula then. But noticed more of a rash on his cheeks, and some coming back around his lower legs. Then on Sunday, and today his poop had become runny and green. Very smelly, and much more frequent. Hubby says the temp was 99.5. Could it be that he is even more sensitive to the soy based stuff now?


    I also read in here that just having 8-10 ounces of EBM a day for DS to drink while I am gone is okay, and that this supplementation was unnecessary. Is this true? Becuase that will help in a sense.. I felt it wasn't good for DS to be going hungry while I was gone (I also work quite a distance from home - also can't afford full time day care either). EDIT: Mentioned this to husband over phone. He thinks I'm a nut now. *sigh*

    If so... I will also put myself on a diet to abstain from diary, egg, soy, and wheat. That will be a pain in the aft, since my diet nearlly consists of that! I don't eat the fatty greasy American foods like most, but instead a Korean diet that my husband likes. Lots of rice, wheat, soy and egg in this. Also been eating a yogurt cup a day to fend against yeast infections 'down below'.
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    Default Re: Allergic symptoms...?

    It is quite possible that he's developed a sensitivity or alergy to both dairy and soy. In fact, people who are alergic to either dairy or soy are quite likely to be alergic or to develop an alergy to the other one.

    18 oz while you are gone?? How many hours are you appart? Generally, a baby only needs 1 oz of ebm for evey hour mom and baby are appart. However, it is also very easy to overfeed with a bottle. What sort of nipple are you using? It is always best to use the slowest flow newborn nipple that you can find. Here is a link with more useful tips on bottlefeeding the bf baby: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/bottle-feeding.html You may want to print it out and give it to your dh.

    Is it not possible at all for you to pump more? Some moms find tandem pumping in the morning with baby on one side and pump on the other yeilds more milk than regular pumping sessions. What kind of pump are you using? Also, pump parts sometimes need to be replaced for the pump to work to maximum capacity.

    For yeast, buy some probotics in powder or pill form. It's the same stuff that's in yogurt, but more concentrated and no dairy as well! Not nearly as fun to eat as yogurt, but you can add the powder to juice or apple sauce or other foods or just swallow the pill.

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    Default Re: Allergic symptoms...?

    He could be developing a sensitivity to soy and dairy. The pp was right most who are allergic to one can also be allergic to the other. There are formulas free of these things that you can buy here in the states, Allament and Neocate, very expensive but dairy/soy allergic kids can tolerate them.
    Hop down to the allergy forum to check out all the good ideas. Look for a thread called "our story" that I wrote. Maybe something in there will be of help to you.
    The rash could be a virus. Sometime these viruses live in our bodies and resurface from time to time. Also the stresses of the shots and cause a virus to act out again. Or it could be a reaction to the shots, or super sensitive skin, ( is your washing powder free of dyes and fragrances??) Or last but not least it could be from the heat. Do you notice it worse after he gets out of the car seat or after he nurses?
    All the best! Brittan

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