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Thread: Mirena-am I the only one w/ issues?

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    Default Mirena-am I the only one w/ issues?

    Okay, I had this thing inserted about 8 weeks ago. Starting the day after it was put in, for 3 weeks straight, I had moderate to heavy bleeding. After that it went off and on every other day. Then it went down to nothing for about a week or so (I'm not good with dates), then it came back for a few days, then I had nothing for a week, then it came back again. At first I thought this time it was just my period coming back, but now I'm not so sure. It's been back almost 2 weeks, and it's like before, some days there's nothing, some days it's heavy. And if I'm not bleeding I almost always have that icky end of period brown spotting. Has anyone else had any bleeding issues like this? My doctor said not to be worried unless it last more than 3 months, but I haven't seen anyone else have this, so naturally I'm worried! (I also think my Dr is a bit of a quack).
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    Default Re: Mirena-am I the only one w/ issues?

    I did the first time I had one. I bled irregularly for a few months and had cramps. Then after that I had no period at all. I ended up having that one for about 4 years.

    After Nolan was born I got another one and I have had zero trouble with that one.
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    Default Re: Mirena-am I the only one w/ issues?

    It just didn't work out for me... I bled on and off for about a month. But, after that...I could just feel it and I hated it. So, no...you are not the only one with issues.
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    Default Re: Mirena-am I the only one w/ issues?

    Nope, you aren't the only one. i have been having the same spotting issues. I thought I may have started my period too, but it's not consistent and not dark enough to be anything. My OB/GYN did tell me there would be spotting. He said he had one patient that eventually came back and wanted it out because of the spotting.

    You are not alone!

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