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Thread: Health vistor AAAAAAH!!!

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    Hi everyone

    This is my first post. My daughter is now 15 months and is very petite for her age. Everytime we go to the health vistor she mentions how small she is and that I am perhaps breastfeeding her too much and should stop the feeding sessions and give her fatty foods instead!!
    I dont see it as an issue as she active all day, happy and developing just fine.
    I have two questions first is related to her eczema - she has had it since 3 months health vistor says she should grow out of it. But I have decided to go on an elimation diet - we have now cut out cows milk from my diet and hers. i have started taking magnesium and zinc to see if that will help aswell. any views on this? have any of you tried the same thing?

    also my daughter always asks for more when breatfeeding - she will drink from the right breast and then a minute later she shouts more and wants the next breast, this can go on for some time. She has even started doing it at night feeds. Also she has become sooooo restless at night! any advise would be great.


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    Hi! I've had to cut out all dairy from my diet to get rid of DD eczema and it cleared up in 4 days. She had a horrible rash all over her face, head, neck, and shoulders. I can tell when I've had something with dairy in it on accident as a mild version of the rash comes back the next day. Granted my DD is only 8 weeks old so it's easier to watch only what I eat vs. a toddler too. I've also heard of wheat causing flair ups

    I don't have any advice on the breast switching since my DS is still a pretty focused nurser at 21 months. As for the fatty foods, the only food and calorie dense as BM is avacado, some kids are just small.

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    Aren't eggs a more likely culprit for eczema than dairy? At least that's what our allergist said.

    ETA: This reminded me of a friend whose baby was really small for her age but developing normally otherwise. After 18 months they finally realized that she had celiac's disease. She and mom cut wheat out of their diet and she gained 2lbs in a month!!!

    Has your baby ever been allergy tested?
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    No she hasnt been tested. I have been going back and forward to the health vistor for a year!! she keeps telling me she will grow out of it. But I am sure its related to food. Anyway I was so frustrated that I went to the doctors and demanded they take me seriously. Now they have refered me to a specialist but that will take up to 5 weeks. so now I am taking things into my own hands and trying the elimination diet.xx

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    Wheat can also cause eczema.

    Dietary elements that have been reported to trigger eczema include dairy products and coffee (both caffeinated and decaffeinated), soybean products, eggs, nuts, wheat and maize (sweet corn), though food allergies may vary from person to person.
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