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Thread: ideas for limiting nursing sessions?

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    Default ideas for limiting nursing sessions?

    I am trying (once again) to cut back on DS night time nursing. He's not sick, not teething, just likes a little night time mommy milk. I like to sleep and like to be healthy. DS is 27 mo. We don't cosleep and aren't going to start now.

    Previously - I had good success with cutting back on nursing sessions by singing / ABCs / counting and gradually singing fewer songs, etc. DS has caught on to this and if I say "mommy is going to sing .... " he says "no singing!" and covers my mouth. Same thing if I try counting or ABCs.

    I've read all the Dr Gordon and Dr Sears night weaning stuff. Either not relevant, or DS has "caught on" and doesn't work anymore.

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    Default Re: ideas for limiting nursing sessions?

    Maybe you could try telling him that if you can't sing he can't have milk.
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    Default Re: ideas for limiting nursing sessions?

    Hmm, does he have a lovie? When DS was self-weaning he became very attached to his blankie. So I would make sure he had that and rub his back or belly until he fell back asleep. Also, do you have a special place for nursing? If so, can you remove it (like a rocking chair, etc)? What about DH? Does he accept any comforting from him?
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    Default Re: ideas for limiting nursing sessions?

    I read in some post a while back, to try giving them water or milk in a cup at night, so if they really are thirsty, they'll take it, but usually they're not, so they figure if that's all they're going to get, they just won't bother. Not sure if this is part of a method you've tried, but thought it might be worth a shot. I think I saw it on the "sleep or lack of it" forum...
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