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Thread: good weaning book?

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    Default good weaning book?

    My DD is almost 2 1/2. She still nurses like a champ and as many times a day as I let her. Her brother is 8 months and I kept thinking she would slowly back off but she still wants to nurse everytime he does (which is of course what you expect an 8 month old to nurse - all the time!).

    I guess I am thinking that I want to wean her (which I must admit the thought of that makes me a bit sad) by her 3rd birthday. So, that gives me like 7 months to work with.

    I was thinking maybe we could start reading books about weaning. All I can find is Maggie's Weaning. Does anyone know of another book?

    I just want this to not be forced on my daughter. My husband and I want to get pregnant next summer - but I don't think my period is going to come back with two nuslings. Should I feel guilty about weaning her by 3? Or guilty that I am encouraging this?

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    Default Re: good weaning book?

    Have you read "How weaning happens"? It's not a weaning how to book, but does give some methods depending on age. It's very gentle, weaning gradually taking into account everyones feelings, type book.
    Looks into your emotions, some weaning stories, that sort of thing. You might get a lot from it.

    I don't think you should feel guilty, I think you should take everyones (including yours!) feelings into account and decide what's going to work best for your family.

    At three what about a weaning party?

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