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Thread: Frequent Feeding

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    Question Frequent Feeding

    Amy is now 6 weeks, 1 day old or 4 day "corrected age". She's gone through 2 growth spurts - the cluster feedings weren't easy but we made it through. The past couple of days hasn't been as bad as the cluster feedings, but she is feeding about every 2 hours. I'm getting pretty raw and my milk doesn't really have a chance to fully replenish. So she doesn't get quite a 'full' feeding which only reinforces that she needs to nurse more often because she didn't get enough.

    I don't have time to pump in between so we've been supplementing a formula feeding here and there to give me a chance to heal.

    I'm curious how other women deal with the frequent feedings. Trying to replenish my milk supply in time for the next feeding (there's only about 90 minutes between her coming off the breast to going back on) and heal a bit so I'm not so sore.... How do you do it?

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    The best thing to do is just offer the breast whenever your lo asks for it. Your body is always making milk so you are never empty. I would just follow your lo's cues.

    Is there a specific reason why you are supplementing? Peditricians reccomendation? When you supplement it's like telling your body to make less milk. Unless you were told by your pedi to do so, I would probably try to stop.

    I know the cluster feeding is hard, but you can make it through it. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and keep snacks handy too. You can do it.

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    Default Re: Frequent Feeding

    I agree with the pp as far as nursing on demand to keep your production up. Especially during growth spurts. I do understand, though, that it's hard on you when your nipples are sore. This far along, your nipple soreness makes me wonder if there is something else going on, like possibly a latch problem or thrush. Does it hurt while you are nursing? Can you tell if the baby is latched on to your breast properly? Does your nipple itch or burn or show signs of thrush, like pinkness on the tips or tiny bumps?
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    you may not want to hear this but her schedule is totally normal. remember her tummy is the size of a large marble so it doesn't take much to fill her up! your breasts are never truely empty and feeding without the full feeling is 100% okay! eventually the engorgement stops anyway as your body gets used to the amount of milk needed by DD. that said i with pp about supplimenting, you are telling your body to produce less milk and your supply will decrease if you continue to suppliment.

    make sure DD is latching correctly and your nipples will heal i also used gel pad by soothies to help with the rawness between feedings.

    gl mama and keep nursing!!!!
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    Try to make sure baby has a good latch. Is baby drinking while at the breast. Do you see swallows? Have you tried lansinoh for your nips?

    I agree with pp that you should be offering the breast whenever your lo cues to nurse. Otherwise you may end up with a lowered supply and need to supplement. Baby's sucking at the breast is what triggers more milk production, and it's true; the breast is never "empty". There is always mill there.

    If sore nips are the main issue I would use the lansinoh, you can get those soothie gel packs which I have heard are quite helpful, or if you're really sore to the point of being unable to nurse *I* would think about seeing a LC. In the meantime your doc should be able to write you a scrip for some all purpose nipple ointment (created by Jack Newman for sore nips) while you are trying to figure this out.


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