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Thread: Need help weaning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*norasmommy View Post
    For example, she used to want to nurse as soon as I got home from work but I noticed that if we went to the park or the grocery store or just outside to play for a while she would not remember to nurse. Then we'd go back inside/home just in time for dinner (DH had to help with this part- either he'd take her while I cooked or I'd take her while he did) which would distract her further. Then it was bath time and suddenly bedtime before she remembered she hadn't nursed yet.
    That's my daughter to a tee! She wants to nurse as soon as we get back home from picking her up from daycare. I tried to distract her by taking her for a car ride (in her push car) outside, but she arches her back and throws a fit if she doesn't get the boob. I mean, even if I try to take off my coat-she's crying. So this feeding is going to be tough to lose...
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    We used Dr Gordon's method for night-weaning with great success AFTER all his teeth were in. Daniel was using nursing as pain relief, and I had to respect that.

    For distraction you want to be sure you are replacing the nursing with something really good. For us snuggling up and reading a favourite book worked well because we were still getting that closeness. Having a little tickle war is good too, again the physical closeness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*caramel-allie View Post
    I know you weren't trying to offend me! I'm just scared to go off the Depo because I won't be given any birth control until my period starts. And who knows when it will return.

    And I really can't afford another baby at this point in life. I know there are other options but I don't feel comfortable without using some medical birth control, ya know?

    Thank you for the suggestion!!!!
    There are lots of options for birth control other than hormonal birth control that are just as effective. Usually, what makes non hormonal birth control like that ineffective, is user error......things like not having enough education (NFP and the like) or not using other methods correctly, or every time IYKWIM. If you want more info about any of them, there's a "fertility" section here in the forums, and I just know everybody would love to give you any info you wanted. If anything, more info will probably just help you solidify your decision regarding the bc that you want already.

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