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Thread: Storage of thawed milk

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    Default Storage of thawed milk

    I am going back to work this week and my mom is keeping my 4 month old. I have a decent supply of pumped milk in my freezer that I plan on giving to my mom to give my son while I am at work. I had planned on thawing out enough for his bottle each day so she wouldn't have to mess with thawing the milk. How long will thawed milk keep in the fridge? I am only going back part time, so I was only planning on thawing the milk the night before, putting the bottle in the fridge and then putting in her fridge when I drop him off.

    Is this ok?

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    Default Re: Storage of thawed milk

    I have read that it is good for 24 hours.
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    It's good for 24 hours. I would suggest giving her 1 bag for her freezer just in case you underestimate need or LO starts a growth spurt. HOWEVER, if she's the kind of person to feed the baby every time he's unhappy, ignore that advice!
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    you could move it from the freezer to fridge and thaw it out that way, it takes a day or so i think but it may last longer than 24 hrs
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