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Thread: Cuts or sores on aereola from teeth - help!

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    Unhappy Cuts or sores on aereola from teeth - help!

    For the last 2 months I have been dealing with painful cuts on my areolas from my 21 mo dd's teeth - or so I was told by my CNM at my annual exam last week. The cuts kind of heal/scab over and then the scab comes off due to bf. CNM told me to try to reposition dd, but I am having no luck with that. BF goes from okay to incredibly painful depending on where her teeth land/how hard she sucks.

    I ended up night weaning her really quickly (almost cold turkey from midnight to 6 a.m.) a few weeks ago because I thought that time off from bf might heal the cuts, and it helped a bit, but they are still not healed. And now dd wants to nurse more than ever during the day.

    BTW - dd is my second child. I bf my ds until he was 3 1/2 - tandem nursing included - and had no problem at all with these kind of cuts.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Cuts or sores on aereola from teeth - help!

    Maybe you are not being firm enough with her about biting you. I am not sure if you are or not, but I would firmly tell her no biting and end the nursing session right then so she knows you mean business. At 21 months they know what know what no means. Congrats for the long term nursing you are doing! My son weaned himself at 13 months.

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    Default Re: Cuts or sores on aereola from teeth - help!

    I don't have any first hand experience with a full set of teeth, but I did find some helpful information about teeth scraping here (my little one only has two so far - but they did cause some major pain for me awhile back):

    Teeth Scraping
    Some of the things suggested are positioning related (and I know you said you've already attempted repositioning), however, she does have other good advice that may help.

    and an excellent article on LLL's site about toddler's latch being uncomfortable due to teeth rubbing and intense sucks:

    Toddler Tips - Uncomfortable Latch

    For the sores on your aereola, here is info on healing them (it's geared more towards nipples, but should apply to the areola as well):

    Healing Tips

    This is a wonderful community for support and great advice ... and I'm certain other mamas will be posting their help soon.
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