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Thread: early morning wake ups

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    Question early morning wake ups

    My 18 month old son recently began a pattern of waking up repeatedly between 3 and 6 am. He cries and latches on but will unlatch after a minute and roll over like he's going to sleep. Then he will wake up again a few minutes later and repeat the process. He does this until 6 am when he finally rolls over and sleeps till 8am. I don't know what is causing this or what to do. He nurses when he goes to sleep around 8pm and again at 11pm. This is unusual behavior for him and I'm afraid I'm missing something. Not to mention it is killing me to lose this much sleep every morning. Any advice?

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    How long has he been doing this? Do you co-sleep? Is he teething? Do you see any other symptoms of anything being amiss or different? Drooling, pulling at ears, change in bowel movement frequency or stool consistency, more gas, more fussiness?

    I wonder if toddlers this age are changing their sleeping patterns and starting to sleep less deeply. I know infant sleep patterns change at certain stages as they grow. DS slept with us until he started waking up really frequently and DH noticed that DS and I were disturbing each other in our sleep, both being really light sleepers. Once DH and I moved into our regular bedroom and DS had his room to himself, he started sleeping 11 hours straight! But that was just my experience and I'm not suggesting that changing sleep arrangements would solve anything in your case, just wondering if there's any possibility that co-sleeping might be a factor.

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    my 1 year old started doing that too. She started when she got a mild case of the measles and felt yucky. But, every now & then she still does it, I figured it was teething or tummy ache (we're trying to give her polyvisol w/iron and it isn't going so well). Maybe she's sleeping lighter too, not sure. Hope it gets better for you.
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    My daughter, now 28 months, did that for a few months. Then, abruptly, it stopped. I think her circadian rhythms were off.

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    hmm mine did that while teething his two year molars.

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