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Thread: 27 mo's --first nursing free day

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    This is the first time I have posted here. After 27 mo's 3 weeks and 1 day my DS did not nurse the whole day!!! I have not begun to analyze how I feel. I am so proud to have nursed him this long . My DD only went two years. It is funny to think that before I had these beautiful children I did not consider nursing past a year. In many ways I think the second year in nursing is even better than the first. My DS did not eat solid food until he was eighteen months due to medical problems so I really thanked the Lord for my abundance of milk everyday. It seems we are on the road to ending our time nursing. In many ways it makes me yearn for his first days. Ryan was 4 lbs when he came home and nursed every hour of the day. I was looking at the log of my first day nursing and he nursed 23 times. He also had 14 diapers and I feel no nostalgia for them at all. Thanks for taking the time to read this. For all of you going through the same thing I wish a wonderful transition to the next stage with your LO.

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    congrats on a beautiful chapter in your life
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