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Thread: Couple of questions...

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    My husband randomly said that we're going to adopt our third child (because he wants a boy and we have two girls). Now, whether or not it was a serious idea or not it got me thinking of two hypothetical cases.

    Two scenarios:

    We adopt the little boy (I would want a newborn) while I am still nursing my second (I would like to nurse her at least until she is three). In this case, since my milk would be supporting the nutritional needs of a toddler, how would it be able to support the needs of a newborn? Does the milk change in quality when a newborn starts nursing?

    Second: We adopt the baby after my second is weaned and I am no longer lactating. When you induce lactation, does your body produce colostrum at first until the baby begins nursing? Or does it turn to milk within a little while? How does your body know to produce the right nutrition in the milk for a newborn if it hasn't been through the hormones of pregnancy, birth, and then natural lactation?

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    You might want to read up at this website:

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