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Thread: Thawed milk reheated

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    Default Thawed milk reheated

    I know that you can keep thawed milk in the refrigerator up to 24 hours but I've read that you shouldn't reheat thawed milk. What do you do if you don't finish the thawed milk and want to place it back in the refrigerator to use later? How do you reheat it then? Should I just leave the unfinished thawed milk at room temperature to reuse?
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    Previously frozen milk that has been thawed can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. While there is limited evidence to date that milk thawed for a few hours may be refrozen, this results in further breakdown of milk components and loss of antimicrobial activity. At this time, the accepted practice is not to refreeze thawed milk. While some mothers and caregivers reheat expressed milk that was leftover and refrigerated after a previous feeding, there is no research on the safety of this practice. There is also no research about whether freshly expressed milk left unfinished at room temperature should be discarded, or can be saved for a short time (perhaps up to one hour as reported by some mothers and caregivers) to finish the feeding if the baby wakens from having fallen asleep or still appears hungry

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