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Thread: ah bitting!

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    Default ah bitting!

    Aidan woke up 5 times last night. once every hour after midnight just about. he had NEVER done that. Finally the 5th time he was just pulling off of me so I gave him a bottle, and he chugged it and slept for 3 more hours. I don't know if he was just hungrier or what

    then today everytime he latched he would CHOMP down on my nipple. he has refused me almost the entire day. I got only 2 nursings in all day (not including the 4 night nursings ) so i fed him with a syringe (what a task that is) and he wants it though.
    I'm not sure if
    1. he may be teething (he is 3 months 1 week)
    2. he is finding a new way to refuse me ?!?

    It seems everytime things look really good, we have a set back!

    I love that he was nursing and I really hope he goes back! But I'm starting to have major doubts. I have been working hard these 2 months but nothing is ever solid! I feel like my 2 year old is missing out on a lot of mommy time, because I am constantly trying to get baby to nurse. and baby is always mad at me unless we are playing. he's so happy but i frusterate him so much. I'm afaid I will look back on the time I lost with him and my 2 year old and regret it. I am almost to the point where I am just going to express and leave it be. but at the same time I LOVE nursing him.

    any one go through this? I am so back and forth I don't know what's wrong with me. I *feel* Like i REALLY want this...but then i get so discouraged and bummed I don't want to bother anymore (though I haven't given up yet) I'm afraid that if i truely wanted it I wouldn't even have the doubts? and a friend lost her baby last month and all I can think is, how sad that is, and what if it happened to me? my only memories would be this constant frustration!

    I just really needed to vent because I don't know what's going on with me anymore! I just want to enjoy him! but I am SOOOO close to nursing! either way he will still get my expressed milk, but i would love him to nurse!

    maybe he will compromise with me and feed at night and a few times a day lol. ugh wishful thinking

    thanks for letting me vent!
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    Default Re: ah bitting!

    AWW I am soo sorry...could it be a nursing strike? I know alot of kids go though that, though we never did...

    Here are a couple links on nursing strikes


    I am not sure that's it, but maybe?

    I do know how you feel about the thoughts of just wanting to give up and pump...I did...with my first. I also know how you feel about missing time with your older child, I did that too, when my son was born we had A HARD HARD time "learning" to nurse and I missed alot of time with her, but honstly, if you go to pumping, you will feel like I do (maybe) I MISS that wonderful bond with her that I have with her brother. Now in NO way am I saying I dont love her or have a bond, but it really depresses me to think about that time, and the times she sat in a carrier with a bottle propped up while I was "double" fisting pumping. And as far as time missed, your not missing time, have her sit with you, read her a book, or do a fun "word" game...even if your just there, she knows you care!

    (((HUGS MOMMA)))) I hope things get better!

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    Default Re: ah bitting!

    Aww! I am so sorry you are having doubts!

    I too have gone back and forth, several times. Maybe instead of stressing (it seems like you are sometimes) about getting him to nurse. I had to do that with my pumping. When it happens, it happens. Continue to offer the breast first but if he doesn't want it, don't fret! Some breastmilk, ANY breastmilk is better than none at all! The more frustrated he gets, the harder it will be, him latching. That could be why he is biting now.

    You have made great strides in 2 months. You should feel so proud of yourself and the accomplishments you have made. You have worked so hard to get where you are now! That baby is so lucky to have you as his mama!

    And as for your older child, I don't have that issue but I'm sure that can be tough. Is he old enough to understand somewhat? And certainly don't shut him out while your nursing the baby! Have him sit with you and you could read him (and the baby) a book. Or, have him sit with you and draw you a picture while you nurse the baby. There are ways to involve your older child in the nursing process!

    I just wanted to say that you have been a wonderful role model for me. I hope to be in your place a few months from now. You have done such amazing things for yourself and your child. Remember to pat yourself on the back every once in a while, okay? You came from behind and came out ahead. Be proud of yourself and the great work you've done!

    <<HUGS>> mama! PM me anytime if you want to talk!

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