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Thread: Took Airborne to help with my cold and now my baby can't poop

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    Default Took Airborne to help with my cold and now my baby can't poop

    I'm nervous because I took Airborne for a few days this past week while dealing with a terrible cold. Didn't take more than 3 tablets on any given day. My package states not to take more than 3 per day. However, my 5 month old daughter has not had one bowel movement for the whole week (she's exclusively breastfed). I was trying to figure out if something else was causing her constipation, and finally narrowed it down to the Airborne supplements. No information is listed on their site about the product dangers, but some research I've done online suggests that it is actually dangerous for pregnant and nursing moms because of the extremely high levels of Vitamin A, among other things. My baby has been having REALLY bad gas - I mean, the kind smelling so bad that it should not be coming out of a baby that only gets breast milk. Of course, I've completely stopped taking Airborne but it's still been a full day and she has not yet pooped. What can I do to help her little tummy get moving again? If anyone has suggestions, I would be SO grateful! I am just praying that I have not foolishly harmed by baby by not doing the research before taking the supplements.

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    Default Re: Took Airborne to help with my cold and now my baby can't poop

    Hmm I'm not sure how much would transfer in your milk, and then if it would cause constipation.
    I do know that breastfed babies can start and stop bowel movement patterns suddenly without warning. That is normal.

    Does her belly feel hard or distended? Maybe a call to the doc if your really worried about it.

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    Default Re: Took Airborne to help with my cold and now my baby can't poop

    I know that I read that Airborne shouldn't be taken when pregnant...I am not sure about while breastfeeding. Airborne contains about 1000% the daily dose of Vitamin A...

    It might not be a bad idea to call the pedi to make sure.
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    Default Re: Took Airborne to help with my cold and now my baby can't poop

    Around 5.5-6 months, my kid went from pooping every day to pooping once a week, and the gas she passed could clear a room. It wasn't due to Airborne or excess Vitamin A or even to solids, because she wasn't eating any. It was just a normal thing that happens to babies. At a certain point, babies' digestive systems mature and they begin to digest breastmilk very completely, leaving little residue. A baby can safely go a week without pooping as long as she doesn't seem to be in pain and you don't see her straining to poop or passing little hard pellets. As long as what finally comes out is nice and soft, it's not considered constipation.

    In short, I wouldn't worry. If your baby seems uncomfortable, is straining to poop, is having hard poops, or goes more than a week without pooping, then you should call the doc.
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    Default Re: Took Airborne to help with my cold and now my baby can't poop

    Is your lo straining to go? As the pps said, don't worry about it unless she is passing hard pellets. My daughter who is also ebf will sometimes go a week or a little less without going. Just watch out when they do, it may be explosive!

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