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Thread: Made it through 2 wks back at work.....

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    Default Made it through 2 wks back at work.....

    and still pumping. I'm very excited that I've made it through 2 wks. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pump successfully at work, but I seem to be doing fine. As long as DD is happy with the amount of milk she is currently getting, I should be fine. I do have a question though. I noticed that on Wednesdays and Thrusdays my supply dwindles a bit. I just barely get enough milk to leave for the next day. Friday it's back to normal again. Luckily on the other days I get an extra ounce or two to make it through the week. Has anyone else experienced this? It would make sense if my supply was going down by Friday, but the middle of the week is baffling me.

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    Default Re: Made it through 2 wks back at work.....

    Maybe stress, and on Friday you know the week's almost over? I know that stress has a lot of impact on my supply. I actually pump the best on my last day away from DS, because I am thinking about him the most during the day.

    (Other ideas - differences in workload, sleep, or time to pump.)

    Congrats on making it through the beginning! That was the hardest for me; you're doing great!
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