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Thread: Coffee and breastfeeding

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    Default Coffee and breastfeeding

    When I was pregnant, I did not drink any coffee to be on the safe side. I will be going back to work soon and I just need my coffee! Is it safe to drink coffee? How long does it last in the system? Do you guys drink coffee?
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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I drank coffee while I nursed but kept it limited to just a cup and made sure I drank plenty of water too!!
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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I drink tea Here is a great link about caffeine and breastfeeding

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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I drank coffee while I nursed, but only a cup or two and I tried to avoid the gourmet brands (like Starbucks) that have a whoooole lot more caffeine than regular coffee. I also noticed that if I drank it after a certain time my daughter would wake more frequently at night so I had to give up my afternoon pick-me-up cup and limit myself to just a morning cup.

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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I have always wondered the same thing...
    I did the same being pregnant, I avoided caffeine, but now with less "zzz" i NEED my coffee in the morning!
    I usualy take 1-2 home brew coffee and I did not notice any changes in my baby fusiness. ( Only on myself when i drink a coffee after 2-3 Pm I have a hard time to fall asleep at night )

    I looked up some info on kelly mom ...

    IMO, enjoy coffee ( if baby can tolerate it! )
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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I avoided it while pregnant, but drank a cup in the mornings after Thomas was born, and it didn't seem to cause any problems for him sleeping, etc. I still drink a cup (and sometimes another lol) in the morning, but he only nurses at night now, if he nurses, so I give myself a little more latitude with it.

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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    i drink coffee but keep it limited to maybe one cup a day. i love it.
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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    When Nolan was first born I started drinking it. He wasn't sleeping very well so the doc said go off for two-three weeks and see if it changes. Three weeks later he was EXACTLY the same so back to the coffee I went!

    We have never seen any effects on him from the caffeine. he still sleeps/naps very well and isn't overly excitable. They said it effects different children in different ways so I guess you just have to see.
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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    I am a coffe addict! Before I was pregnant with DS I drank 6 cups a day, sometimes more. Since I've been pregnant & BFing I have only had decaf except on occasions where I was driving a long way & needed the jolt & it always caused sleep/fussiness issues with my kids. Oh well, decaf is still something!
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    Default Re: Coffee and breastfeeding

    A LLL source on caffeine

    Caffeine did affect the sleep of both my lo.
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