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Thread: Sick and Low Supply

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    I just got a cold yesterday and when I tried to pump. I only got 1 oz out of one breast when I usually get 2-3. I was wondering if there was a connection between the cold and low supply? Also, should I be concerned that baby isn't getting enough and start supplementing with pumped breast milk while I get over this cold? People usually say that the baby can get more milk than the pump, but is he getting enough?


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    I would watch diapers to ensure he is getting enough. How old is he? An illness can cause a temporary drop in supply, but it will bounce right back. Make sure YOU are getting enough fluids, food, and rest. Some cold medicines (specifically ones for drying up mucous, etc) can affect supply. Avoid those!

    Feel better soon!
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    The excess mucous your body is making can cause you to be a little dehydrated and, as Lyn said, if you are taking any cold meds they will often affect your supply. Just make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids and you should be just fine.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    Try eating oatmeal. I have some everyday, and have noticed that I am able to pump more when I am away from baby. Maybe this could help up your supply a little while you are sick.

    I wouldnt worry about supplementing with ebm. I would just offer the breast more often. This will help you make more milk also.

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