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Thread: Never fully satisfied baby and saggy breasts!

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    Default Never fully satisfied baby and saggy breasts!

    ok I have two problems

    ....My daughter is 8 weeks old and I have just weaned her from the nipple shield (thank God!) However, she wants to be fed every hour and a half which only gives me an hour break between feedings. In order to keep my sanity, I have been giving her 1, sometimes 2 bottles a day usually before nap or bedtime so that she can sleep for a couple hours straight. I really dont want to rely on the bottle so much but it seems that no matter how long I breastfeed her, she's still hungry a short while later! Any suggestions on how to keep the feedings at least 2.5-3 hours apart?

    Also, my breasts seemed to have become very saggy since getting pregnant and in order to keep my nipple comfortably in her mouth, I need to do the "nipple sandwich" to keep her from pulling off or just sucking on my nipple. I feel like the breast is a big water balloon only 25% full! I feel like I can never be comfortable breastfeeding because I have to use so many muscles just to keep her on there! I at least want to be able to breastfeed without getting a cramp! Also, when I release my hand, my breast covers her nose no matter what! Any ideas on how to get into a position where I can breastfeed with ease?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Default Re: Never fully satisfied baby and saggy breasts!

    8 weeks is a little premature to get baby on a schedule. To have the most success at Bfding right now, you should feed baby on demand. It is likely that your LO is going through a growth spurt.

    See this page about growth spurts.

    Don't worry...it is only a temporary thing and she should get back to normal soon. Are you supplementing with formula? That could be risky to your supply. The reason she is wanting to feed more is because she is telling your body to make more milk.

    These weeks are the toughest, but it gets soooo much easier.
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    Default Re: Never fully satisfied baby and saggy breasts!

    Congratulations on weaning your baby from the shield! That's great!

    Regarding feeding frequency, 1.5 hours between feedings sounds totally normal to me. Breastmilk digests fast- in about 90 minutes if I recall correctly. I know there are a lot of people who assert that all babies "should" be going 3 hours between feedings, but IMHO this is bad advice. There are some breastfed babies who will go that long between feedings, but in general only formula-fed babies go 3 hours between feedings on a regular basis. That's because formula sits heavy on a tiny tummy and digests really slowly- not better, just slower!

    Regarding positioning, you should be confident that things will get better with time! As babies grow larger and stronger, and gain better control of their bodies, they gain the ability to latch on with ease in any position. When my daughter was tiny, there was no way I could use the classic cradle hold. My breast was too big- it would drag on her tiny mouth and flop right out! I had to use the side-lying position until my baby was about 5 months old. Side-lying is great because the bed supports the baby and the breast, and leaves you with 2 hands free for positioning. If I had to use the cradle hold, I required lots of pillows to prop my baby and myself into a comfortable position, and I also used a rolled-up washcloth tucked under my breast to carry some of the weight of the breast while my baby was nursing.

    HTH! You're doing a tough job, but I promise it will get easier if you can stick with it!!!

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    Default Re: Never fully satisfied baby and saggy breasts!

    My LO is 6 months old and still eats every 1 1/2 hours. I used to give a bottle of bm to get a break also, until I learned it's easier to skip the pumping and just nurse. It takes a while, but you'll get used to it.

    Keep up the good work!
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