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Thread: Partial Weaning???

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    Default Partial Weaning???

    I have been thinking about cutting down the number of nursing sessions for DD. She will be 9 months in 1 week. She is so distracted no matter what I do and doesn't seem to be very interested in nursing most of the time. This is her schedule now:

    7:30a wake nurse
    9a nap
    9:45 wake nurse
    11:30 nurse (only sometimes)
    12:30 20 min. nap on the way to Gma house
    1:30 nurse
    2-4 nap
    4p 3-4 oz EBM
    7p nurse after we get home
    8p nurse to sleep (only sometimes)
    12a nurse
    2:30-3a 2 oz bottle from DH
    5:30-6a nurse

    So after all of that my question is, If I nurse her 4-5 times a day would I need to supplement her with formula? I was thinking of keeping the first am, 1:30p, 8p and one or two of the over night nursing. And if I did have to supplement her does anyone know how much she would need?
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    Default Re: Partial Weaning???

    If you cut down on your nursing you would most likely have to supplement unless it is obvious that your DD is taking in more milk the times she is nursing. That is my unprofessional opinion. What is your breastfeeding goal? If you plan to nurse for at least a year, I would continue to nurse on demand so that you don't have to use formula and risk losing your supply. GL

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    Default Re: Partial Weaning???

    Personally I would wait until 12 m to cut down any nursings.. breastmilk is supposed to make up the bulk of the diet until at LEAST 12 months... after 12 months if your dd is eating lots of solids can you decrease her nursing amount. After 12 months as long as she is nursing 3-4 times a day you don't have to give her any other "milk" sources.

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