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Thread: discrete/exposed bf

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    LOL, Green Mommy, I loved your post. My little one does the same thing. She likes to rub my stomach and/or put on want on my other breast as she nurses. And, I do have a nursing cover, which she takes as a joke to play Peek-a-Boo. I try to use it, especially in church but if she gets nutty I just go to the restroom.

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    Awesome replies ladies, it's lovely to hear nip described as natural, and ladies wanting to set a good example to other women :-)

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    well what is considered open.. and whats considered discerte?

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    We hardly NIP either. He's too busy to stop and nurse. If it does happen, I am discreet about it. I usually turn myself to face a wall. I have huge breasts and DS likes to pull my shirt up because he doesn't like the edge touching his face. Although I have no problems with people seeing me, I prefer to keep it understated.

    FWIW, I've never gotten looks or comments of any kind. I think I'm pretty lucky in this regard.
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